Character Design Challenge / December 2021

Theme of the Month: Veggie Animals

Character Design Challenge / March 2021
Character Design Challenge

Theme of the Month: Mushroom Fighter

Jean is a character in the stop motion ad series "Made for Hoomans", which promote the milk alternatives by Oatly. I had the pleasure to be a character designer and animator on the project.
Watch Jean's spot here
The other two spots starring Frank and Werner.
Directed by Marleen Valien. Puppets built by Bea Bader, Arne Wachtmann, Arne Hain.

Earlier Designs (Jean was originally male and called Steve)

Different Angles

Character exploration (2021)
Jonny is performance. He's groove. He's dance. He's the man of the hour, reviving the spirits of Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury in one unstoppable body.
...Or that‘s what Jonny‘s daydreaming mind imagines the newspapers could have said, if Jonny wasn‘t born three decades too late, in a tiny village in Austria, where people are too busy milking cows to have ever heard of the greats of rock‘n‘roll.
Instead, he‘s stuck with performing his grandiose hits during the local retirement homes‘ weekly bingo nights. 
„Come and bring your damn dishes!“, shouts his mother, ungently waking the great Jonny fucking Smoove from his daydreams. If only that woman knew who she was talking to.
Creature Sketches
Created for our Semester Project 2020/2021
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